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Welcome to the official website of RPMod

RPMod is a Star Wars Jedi Knight®: Jedi Academy game modification that aims to provide an immersive role-play experience to members of RP-oriented communities.

RPMod includes many features to fulfill this goal, such as:

  • A broad range of emotes.
  • Modified and extended Force Powers.
  • A complete Account System providing XP, Levels and Classes.
  • Comprehensive administration commands.
  • Many ways to create a unique atmosphere and cinematic feeling for community events (music, video, graphics, effects, NPC dialogs, ...)
  • A Launcher to keep your game and assets up-to-date in one click.
  • Many bug fixes, improvements and new features making Jedi Academy smoother to play on a daily basis.
  • ... and much more.

RPMod is currently in closed beta: while the client may be freely downloaded, only the JEDI Clan servers are equipped with the server-side mod components. You are welcome to visit JEDI to try RPMod under real conditions, provided that you respect the rules of this community.

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