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Discord integration

2021-01-04 23:52:44 - By soh

New Discord integration features are now available on the JEDI Discord server!

Login with Discord: you can link your Discord and RPMod accounts from your My Profile page, and use the Discord login button instead of usual credentials on RPMod Web. Only your Discord user ID will be stored (no personal information).

RPMod commands: when typing / in the Discord message box, you should see the following:

  • /rpgivexp: give XP to an account, like in game (Knights+)
  • /rpmap: change server map (currently, Council only)
  • /rprcon: execute server commands for remote admin (Council only)
  • /rpsetaccount: update account fields like modelScale (Council only)
  • /rptracker: show server status, including current map and players (everybody)

Responses will be displayed in the channel where the command is executed. When asked for a server name, you can just type a part of its name, like "temple" or "galaxy". Any command will first require you to link your Discord and RPMod accounts, as mentioned above.

Webhooks: notifications for XP grants and Game Asset deployment requests are published in a #rpmod-notifications channel in real time.

Feel free to suggest additional features to improve this integration!

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