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RPMod 0.5.0 Client released!

2014-03-02 20:53:10 - By soh

Greetings JEDI and Community,

Almost 4 years after the 0.4.3 release (April 21, 2010), here comes a new (and unexpected?) major release:

RPMod 0.5.0

All JEDI servers have been updated and are already running it, but on your side (Client side), you will need to download and install the RPMod Client.

This Client is not technically needed, but it is more than strongly advised that you download and use it to benefit from improvements, new features, enhanced effects, bug fixes, improved user interface, etc.

Release notes:

  • This is a major version that brings many new features, improvements and bug fixes, which you can discover in full length in the Changelog.

  • The new RPMod Launcher will let you connect easily to RPMod servers and will always keep your PK3 assets up-to-date with those hosted on RPMod Web. Lauching JKA through Steam is also supported.

    Please note: the Launcher runs as Administrator and will also run JKA as Administrator; if you are using a minimizer or other tools, you may need to run them as Administrator for proper operation.

  • The old client (0.4.3) is compatible with this version, but won't benefit from new features in this version, so please update as soon as possible.

Installation for Windows:

  • Prerequisites
    • Jedi Academy patch version 1.01 (download here, here or here)
  • Installing RPMod
  • Launching the game
    • Always use the RPMod Launcher (in your Start menu or desktop) to launch RPMod, even if you are using Steam.
    • If you are using external launchers (e.g. Xfire), configure them with extra command line parameters: +set fs_game rpmod +set fs_basegame JEDI

Installation for Mac OS X:

  • Prerequisites
    • Intel Mac with Jedi Academy installed from retail discs.
    • Jedi Academy MP patch version 1.01/1.03 Rev E (download here or here)
    • Jedi Academy SP patch version 1.01/1.03 Rev F (download here or here)
  • Installing RPMod
    • Download the ZIP bundle
    • Extract it in your GameData/rpmod directory (usually under /Applications/Jedi Academy).
    • Extract the RPMod-Client-Mac.pk3 file in the rpmod directory.
    • Move the RPMod-Animations.pk3 file in your base directory.
  • Launching the game
    • Launch Jedi Academy as usual. Note that the game may crash when disconnecting from a server.

Getting help:


  • Programmer:
    Fabien Crespel (Soh Raun)
  • Ideas, suggestions, support:
    The JEDI Community (http://www.jediholo.net)
  • JEDI classes configuration:
    Axem Keigoku
    Corinth Alkorda
  • Animations:
    Vantus Fayden
  • Effects packaging and testing:
    Ctathos Ederoi
    Jared Quell
    Aayla Vigil
  • Portions of code:
    Open Jedi Project (OJP)
    gSOAP Toolkit
  • Partially included mods, with permission:
    TK-231's Special Effects Mod V1 Base
  • BaseJKA code:
    Raven Software, of course

Have fun with RPMod!

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